3-Minute Madness Session Submission

Instructions for authors submitting to the Madness Session

To embrace new ideas and proposals that move the multimedia quality community forward, QoMEX 2019 will feature a “3-Minute Madness Session”. In this session, we aim to provide the stage for novel, bold or even crazy ideas that stimulate discussion and open up new directions. To this end, this session will have the following lightweight, but highly interactive format per idea: 1 slide 3 minutes presentation 3 minutes discussion.

We hereby cordially invite you to submit your “maddest” ideas for presentation at this session, no matter whether you are from industry or from academia. Proposed ideas should be highly innovative, thought-provoking and stimulating in terms of content (but also in terms of presentation!). Ideas can target new research topics, directions and methods that the QoMEX community should address (e.g. QoE in the submarine, QoE for animals, using the blockchain for decentralized QoE research), but also can relate to new actions that the community should take (e.g. joint PhD Summer-school together with quantum computing and neuro scientists).


Furthermore, bold ideas that might be of high interest to the QOMEX audience can also originate from your recently published papers at top journals or conferences. And if you are working in industry, use this session as opportunity to stage your ideas and topics that you think the QOMEX community should address!


Note: while proposed ideas should be serious at their core, there is no reason why their presentation shouldn’t be fun!


Submission Procedure

Idea proposals should be sent to madnessqomex2019@qu.tu-berlin.de with subject “QoMEX19 – Madness Session Idea”. The proposal should provide a) the title and b) an abstract (max. 200 words) that outlines the idea, why it matters to the QoMEX community and optionally, a note on its presentation (if presentation goes beyond oral + slide).


Idea proposals will be selected based on novelty, innovativeness and likely audience impact.


Important dates

Idea submission deadline: April 22, 2019

Notification of acceptance: April 30, 2019

Slide submission deadline:  May 25, 2019


We look forward to receiving your wildest ideas and dreams!